fredag den 1. februar 2008

New dynamics in the market?

Will we soon observe some new kind of dynamics in the market? Will a lot of customers suddenly refrain from sticking to old habits and providers? Will Microsoft suddenly disappear from the general picture as did former major players like IBM, Compaq and Digital?

A new bubble?

Will we soon see a new BUBBLE, consisting of the most established software companies, burst? Puff! When the majority of the customer base finds out, what's actually taking place?

Too late for both Microsoft and Yahoo?

Quite honestly are MS and Yahoo providing us with anything we can't find better anywhere else?

Currently I am personally:
- phasing out Microsoft Office, using freeware as Open Office and online applications from Google, Zoho in stead
- installing Ubuntu, deleting MS XP
- never using anything from Yahoo, except Flickr, which I going to replace with it the Danish equivalent 23

Besides that I am using a lot of social online networks, but none of are the fruits from the orchards of neither MS nor Yahoo!

Mayby 2+3 will make less than 4 in a few years!

Does size suffer? Wil 3+2 make only 4?

It can be questioned if the two players has got enough to offer in the current situation. Are they slow dinosaurs compared with the younger bikes on the track?

Will the mergers of these big players with very different cultures only create "negative synergy"? Will 3+2 only make 4?

Nothing apparently happened today, but?

Nothing apparently happened today, but will Microsoft have the muscles - and will - to go on, f.i. with a hostile acquisition?


Microsoft is about to acquire Yahoo, and what then?

Will Microsoft succeed in their current acquisition attempt over Yahoo?

And if so, who will be the next? How will the map of the big players look in one year?

Where will Facebook be?

And will there soon be any non-american big players?

The news about the merger in the NYT